7 Beach Lane, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 
Phone : 631-288-4021  Fax: 631-288-6742

​​The Grassmere Inn has been SOLD

and is currently CLOSED until further notice by it's new owners

We thank you deeply for your many wonderful years of patronage

Whether one is having a baby, delivering a baby, having surgery, performing surgery, or any other issues including but not limited to: business, weather, loss of job, transportation, booking mistake, going off to war, death, illness, acts of G-d, war, transit strikes, etc, a refund or a weekend make up will NOT be available regardless of the circumstances.  

We are in close proximity to a funeral home, hospice, rehab center, subacute nursing rehab center, and numerous hospitals. Many surgeons and/or families of those being hospitalized stay with us. There is also an Air Base within 3 miles. We do understand that plans change sometimes, but we have to enforce our No Refund policy.

We encourage all to get travel insurance or book elsewhere if this policy is unacceptable. We are a small family business and must shift the burden of the risk to the guest for any change in plans. We believe in total transparency and full disclosure. If one is unwilling to accept these policies, it is better not to consider our property as a possible accommodation. Please also read our pet policy.

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Eastside Tennis Academy
142 Montauk Highway

Westhampton, NY 11977
Phone : 631-288-1540

Most of our guests prefer the Main Building. The Sports Loft (back bldg.) is also neat and clean - it's a bit beachier. (It is NOT the Barn -- the Barn was an old property we sold).  

All rooms in both buildings have window unit AC, free Wifi, and flat screen TV, and feature reclaimed or wood laminate floors.

The downside of the back building is that if many shower simultaneously, or back to back, there is a small chance that there could be a temporary hot water shortage. This is very rare, but we do want to point this out.

​Room with shared hall bath versus room with private bath.
The rooms with private baths are obviously more expensive than the rooms that do not have a private bath and share a bath in the hall. 

Rooms 3, 11, and 14 do not have private baths. There is a bath between rooms 11 and 12 that can only be accessed from the bedrooms of 11 and 12. We can dedicate the bathroom between 11 and 12 to either bedroom, or it can be left accessible to both rooms (known as Jack and Jill), which families and friends like.

Inside each shared hall bath is a sink, toilet, and shower. When inside the hall bathroom, you can lock it so nobody else has access to it. We do our best to keep these bathrooms clean. However, we can not have a staff member waiting around to clean the shared hall baths. It only takes one person to make a mess and we may not get to it for some time. Please keep this in mind when making the choice of which type of room, you'd like, and please wipe down the sink once you are done.


We love animals, however, animals in an Inn are a liability. Many guests do not like animals or are allergic to them, and animals can cause damage. Additionally, when dogs are in a strange place, they may bark. By law, our doors must be self closing and may slam shut. If you bring a dog and it barks and disturbs other guests, you will be asked to leave with no refund being offered for any part of your stay.

So, if you do request a pet-friendly room and we can accommodate you, please keep that in mind. We have three rooms that are potentially "pet friendly." There are additional fees and you will be responsible for any damage. You must have permission from us in writing before bringing a dog.

ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING WITH A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. There is no room in our building where you are permitted to smoke. Please do not smoke inside any room, on any porch, or inside any building. There is zero tolerance for this and you will be asked to leave with no refund for any part of your stay if caught smoking. Our smoke detectors are quite sensitive and we reserve the right to enter and inspect any room should another guest or staff member believe or suspect someone is smoking inside his/her guest bedroom.  

We have seen 10 buildings burn to the ground within 1 mile of the Inn. Additionally, we have had 2 tennis clubs that had fires with one fire burning the clubhouse to the ground. If you absolutely must smoke, please do so at least 25 feet from any building and away from the dining areas. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.


Our buildings are preexisting non-conforming use. We are not handicapped accessible. If you have special needs, please advise. We do not have a ramp or elevator to get to any of the rooms.  

We are in close proximity to two Synagogues and three churches. If you have special religious needs, please advise. For Orthodox observant guests you should be aware we are within the Eruv. We are 0.4 miles from the Hampton Synagogue and 1.5 miles from the Chabad. Our guest dining room has a guest refrigerator with the lights turned off. We provide paper products and kosher breakfasts.

There are no rooms with refrigerators. One is not permitted to bring food or hot plates into the guest rooms. And, one is not permitted to use a hot plate in our dining room.


All are welcome to bring food and use the guest refrigerator, which is in the guest dining room. Items must be clearly labeled with your name, date, and room number. Any items not so marked will be immediately discarded. This is not a huge refrigerator so do not plan on bringing a lot of food as the fridge is shared. Rarely has there been a problem with guests' food disappearing. However, we cannot be responsible for missing items. 


Main Building Categories - Open All Year

Basic Room, 2 Twin Beds, Shared Hall Bathroom:

Room 3, 11, 14 (90 sq. ft.)

Sample picture

Standard Room, 1 Queen Bed, Private Bathroom:

Room 5, 7, 12 (110 sq. ft.)

Sample picture

Standard Room, 2 Twin Beds, Private Bathroom:

Room 4 (120 sq. ft.)

Standard Room, 1 King Bed, Private Bathroom:

Room 8, 15

Sample picture

Standard Room, Multiple Beds,

Private, Updated Bathroom

Room 1, 2, 6, 9, 10

(request optional twin bed)

Sample pictures                                           

ANNEX  - Open approximately from April 15 until October 15

Basic Room, Multiple Beds, Annex Building:

Room C-1, C-3, C-5

(request optional twin bed)

Sample pictures

Rooms with King Bed and new bathroom with walk-in shower. We can add a twin bed to each. Rooms C1, C3, and C5.

There are three budget/economy room.

The Annex/Sports Loft is the building approximately 50 feet behind the main building.  We refer to the Sports Loft Bldg. as "beachy." We don't know how else to describe it. As noted above, the major downside is if many guests shower simultaneously or back to back there is a small chance there could be a temporary loss of hot water. It is more likely to happen if many visitors are on the same schedule (like a wedding). The Sports Loft has heat but is poorly insulated. Therefore, we only keep it open from mid April - Mid October. Rooms C3, C4, and C5 are on the second floor. There are exterior stairs to these rooms.


C1 has a king bed and new private bath with walk-in shower, new bathroom fixtures, and new wood laminate floor which "floats" a bit. Beachy with wicker furniture. There is room to add a twin bed but it will be a little tight.

C2 is a dark room with a queen and a twin bed. The bathtub/shower is very functional but a bit more dated than some of our other bathrooms.

BC is the one-room studio unit around the back of this building. It has a king bed, which can be swapped for 2 twin beds. There is a dated, not fully equipped kitchenette. Brand new bathroom with walk in shower, new sink, new toilet.  There is room to add a twin bed to this unit but it will be a little tight. One should also note the ceiling is a bit lower in this room.


To get to the units on the second floor, one must use exterior stairs!

C3 has a King and a twin bed, and a brand-new bathroom with walk in shower and new fixtures.

C4 This is the smallest room, with the lowest ceilings and oldest bathroom. It is basically a neat, clean place to sleep for a night or two though we have had couples stay in this room for up to a month. One opens the door to this unit and walks into a 3' x 6' hall with 6' 6 " ceiling. On the right is a tiny (4' x 5') bathroom with small shower, sink, toilet. The bedroom is  8 x 10 without a closet. Again, the ceiling is 6 ' 6" at its high point. However, the ceiling slopes following the roof line. We liken this to sleeping on a boat.

C5 has a king and a twin bed. The private bath is newly updated with a walk-in shower.


There is only 1 guest room on the ground floor of the main building.

Room 1 is the largest room in our Inn (12' x 20 '). It has a king bed. We can easily add a twin bed or even 2 twin beds. The bathroom is updated with a walk-in shower. The main downside of this room is that it is near the front desk and next to the stairs. While we are far from a wild place, we are always busy. Our stairs creak and by law our doors must be self closing and may slam shut. During the season, the fan/ac unit will drown out most of the noise. Off season when the AC units are out, the noise could be more of a problem. We keep a staff member in the office throughout the night to make certain we have someone available if there is a problem. However, guests may come and go as they please. So, if one is a light sleeper, he/she may want to avoid this room.


Room 2 has a king bed and private bath. The bedroom is approximately 10' x 13'. This room is light and airy. The bathroom is updated with a walk-in shower.

Room 3 is a very small  (9 ' x 10 ') room without a closet.  Nor does it have a bathroom. There is a hall bath on the second floor which this room may use.  This room may be adjoined to room 2 through a door that may be kept unlocked should friends or a family want to interconnect rooms  2 and 3.

Room 4 is a mid size  (10' x 12') room with 2 twin beds that can be swapped for a king bed. It has a   small private bathroom which is not one of our more updated bathrooms. It has a sink, toilet, and shower.  There is not enough room in this room to add a twin bed.

Room 5 is a small (9' x 12') room without a closet. Queen bed. It has an armoir in the bedroom and bars to hang clothing in the bathroom. This room has the biggest and nicest most updated bathroom of any of our rooms. New sink, vanity, toilet and walk-in shower.

Room 6 is a large (10' x 16') room.  It has a king bed and room for a twin bed. It also has a brand new bathroom with new sink, toilet and walk-in shower.

Room 7 is 10' x 12 '  and has an updated bathroom with a walk-in shower.  The room has a queen bed. We can add a twin bed. 

Room 8 is a light airy room with king bed. We can add a twin bed but it will be a little tight. The bathroom in this room is small and not as updated as some of our others. It has a small sink/vanity unit, shower stall, and narrow space for the toilet.

Room 9 is a very light, bright room on the end of the hallway. One opens the door to a small (3' x 6') hallway into this unit. There is a nice, new updated bathroom on the right with new sink, toilet, and walk-in shower. Next to the bathroom is the bedroom, which has a king bed. We can easily add a twin bed to this unit.


Room 10 has a king bed. We can swap the king for 2 twin beds. Since this is on the top floor, the ceiling slopes a bit following the roof line.  We can add a twin bed to this room but it will be very tight. There is a brand new bathroom with new sink, toilet and walk-in shower.

Room 11 has 2 twin beds. They can be swapped for a king. It has a dresser and rack to hang clothing but no closet.  There is no room to add another bed. There is a bathroom next to this room that can be dedicated to either room  11 or room 12. This is a small bathroom with tiny sink, shower stall, and toilet. It is not updated but is perfectly functional. Room 11 can either have a shared hall bath or can be adjoined/interconnected to room 12 through the bathroom. Many refer to this as a Jack and Jill setup. Or the bathroom between the two rooms can be dedicated to 11 or 12.

Room 12 is a small   (9' x 12') room with queen bed, dresser, and closet. Small closet.  As noted above, the bathroom next to this room can be dedicated to either room 11 or room 12. 
There is a hall bath on this floor.

Room 14 is a small (9' x 10') room without a closet. It has an armoire for clothing. It does not have a private bathroom attached at all.  The occupants of this room may use the hall bathroom.  Or, this room can be adjoined/interconnected to room 15.

Room 15 is approximately 10 ' x 13'. It has a king bed. The bathroom is nice with new sink, flooring, and new toilet. However, it has a shower/tub enclosure which is not one of our newest.

Extended Stays
Typically from Mid October - Mid April we offer deeply discounted extended (7 days or more) stay rates. Breakfast is NOT included. Housekeeping is optional but additional. If interested, please inquire.

Getting to us: The Village is serviced by both the Hampton Jitney and Long Island Railroad. However, bear in mind there are not a lot of trains. The Inn is approximately one half mile from the Jitney stop and 2 miles from the Westhampton LIRR stop.  We do not have a shuttle service. However, taxis are plentiful in the area and typically meet the trains or Jitney. On busy days, it may make sense to call a taxi service ahead of time.

By Car: Our physical address is 7 Beach Lane, Westhampton Beach NY 11978. (631 288 4021). However, there are so many "Beach Lane's" in the Hamptons that occasionally Mapquest or GPS direct one to the wrong Village.

We advise all that it is better to put 161 Main St. (Rite Aide Drugstore), Westhampton Beach NY  11978 into the GPS. Pass the Rite Aide on your right. Go 50 yards and make your first right onto Beach Lane. We are the second property on the right.  7 Beach Lane. There is free parking on our premises. Please advise the front office staff member that you have a car and provide make, model, and color of the car. A cell number would also be appreciated. We need to have those in case an alarm goes off or we see a light on in the car. Please park on either side of the white fence. Please do not block the circle or block in other cars.

By Plane: The nearest airport is Gabreski, which is located in Westhampton. Gabreski only accepts private aircraft. The next closest airport is MacArthur located in Islip, approximately 45 minutes by car from Westhampton. 

LaGuardia and JFK are 1 1/2 hours- 2 hours away by car. One can take an AirTrain from JFK to the Jamaica Queens LIRR train stop. However, as a reminder, there are not many trains scheduled. One can also get to a nearby Jitney stop.

Tennis: Our affiliated tennis academy is located 3 miles away. We have 12 Fast Dri soft courts. We do not have indoor courts.

The Academy is open from Mid April - early October. We are annually selected among the best teaching centers in the world for both juniors and adults. We are the only academy in the world the USTA selected to be part of the USTA members' benefits program for both juniors and adults. Free court usage from 12 - 6 pm is included for our guests.

There are discounts for Grassmere guests for tennis instruction at our academy. Tennis clinics are $35 (regularly  $49) pp/for an hour and a half for our guests. The clinics are 7 days per week from June 30 to August 31 each season. Maximum student/staff ratio is 4 :1, but we only group according to age and ability.

Tennis Clinic times
8:45 - 10:15  and 10:45 - 12 :15 

Private instruction by appointment at discounted rates is available for our guests. Ask about our accommodation/instruction packages if interested in a lot of tennis instruction and/or for groups.  


Check-in time at the Grassmere Inn is  4 - 7 pm. In most cases a late check-in is fine. Please request arrangements in advance. One may arrive at our property at any time and drop off belongings and then go on his or her merry way. The beach is less than a mile away. Our Tennis Academy is 3 miles away. Wine country begins 15 minutes away. Splish Splash Water Park, the Aquarium and Tanger Outlet are all within 15 minutes.

We rarely can permit a guest in his or her room before 4 pm. We are incredibly fussy with respect to housekeeping. Staff members are given twice the industry standard of time to clean a room. They are advised not to dawdle but must do a thorough job. Once cleaned, a front office person must inspect the room and sign off on it. This takes time.

Check out is by 11 am! One may leave belongings at the Inn (please bring to front office) but we must be able to get into the room by 11 am to begin the cleaning process. 

Please understand that operating accommodations in this area is beyond difficult/challenging. The season is incredibly short. 70- 80 % of our annual revenues are derived June through Labor Day, 70-80% of those on the weekends! 

As you are most likely aware, the real estate and related expenses (insurance, taxes, maintenance, compliance, utilities, housekeeping) in this area are a fortune. We keep the property open year round and staff on 24 hours per day to ensure that we are the neatest, cleanest, safest, and most service oriented accommodation possible.

The massive expenses must be amortized over very few room nights (60-80 nights). We do not have a bar or restaurant.  Nor do we have many rooms! Our rooms may appear expensive. We completely understand and don't want anyone expecting a Ritz Carlton. There are none in the Hamptons and we certainly are not one.

Please note that we typically have 2-4 night minimums on the high season weekends. We can occasionally offer 1 or 2 night stays, but the rate per night will be much more expensive when one only reserves 1 or 2 nights (if available ).

As an example, on the weekends during the high season, our rooms with private baths are  $350-550 per night if one reserves  3 nights. However, if one only books 2 nights, the rates will range from $390-650 per night. If just a Saturday night stay is what you are interested in, it is very likely to be the most expensive night as it wipes out the weekend for many.

There is no sewage system. Therefore, keeping up with housekeeping and laundry is incredibly labor intensive and expensive (on the weekends in particular). All rooms and both buildings will be super neat and clean. All rooms in both buildings had wood floors reclaimed or wood laminate installed. All rooms in both buildings have window unit ac., wifi, and tv's (most are flat screen). One cannot buy movies on our TVs.

For stays of 3 nights or more, we encourage the Main/Front Building. Assuming we are an acceptable location for you, the rates quoted will be based on payment in full, subject to no refund regardless of any circumstances requiring a change in your plans (see reasons for this policy below). We cannot guarantee rates or availability until you pay in full.


From Memorial Day through Labor Day we provide a cold breakfast of fresh muffins, bagels, cream cheese, peanut butter, coffee, tea, milk, juice, cereal, packaged oatmeal, fruit salad, yogurt. We do not serve pancakes, French Toast, eggs, etc. as we do not have a commercial kitchen. There are numerous delis and gourmet shops in close proximity if you would like eggs, pancakes, or French Toast.  Weekends in May, September and October, we provide a more limited continental breakfast. Throughout the year, we provide coffee, tea, and English muffins.


Within 500 yards, there are numerous restaurants, delis, gourmet shops, etc. And there are some places that deliver. We recommend the following:


Sherins is a fish market approximately 3 blocks from the Inn. The fish is always fresh and they will prepare a meal, clambake, lobsters, at incredibly reasonable prices which you may eat at one of their picnic tables, or bring to the Inn or beach. Please tell them we referred you.  (631 998 4422)

Toninos: This is an Italian and pizza restaurant that will deliver. Very reasonable and good. (631 288 5211)

Funchos: Inexpensive Tex Mex located approximately 4 blocks from the Inn just off Main Street.

Margarita Grille: More than just Tex Mex. Very good food, nice bar with TVs. Reasonable for inside or outside dining                   located 4 blocks from the Inn on Main St.

Beach:  We provide beach passes! The Grassmere Inn is less than 1 mile from beautiful Rogers Beach. It is an ocean beach. With the pass, the Village charges each person above the age of 11 years $10 per day for access during the "season." One is not permitted access to the beach through the Village residents' access without a pass. If you are not a resident or are not staying in a local accommodation, you may not walk up and pay. 

We are not sure when the season begins and ends (when the Village requires one to provide a pass and pay). However, one may assume it begins sometime around Memorial Day and ends a week or two after Labor Day. It seems the "season" is contingent upon when the Village can staff the beach and that changes each year. We suggest looking on the Westhampton Beach Village website for details. Even if one walks to the beach, the Village charges $10! The pass we provide is not a parking pass for the Westhampton Beach residents' lot. Nobody can provide a parking pass for that if you are not a resident. And you cannot pay to park in the Village's lot! There is free but limited parking just across the street/bridge from Roger's Beach. Make sure that you are parking in a legal spot. We believe the Village rents chairs but not umbrellas at the beach. There is a concession stand for snacks, bathrooms, outdoor showers, and lifeguards on duty when the beach is open.

Cupsogue Beach is the Suffolk County Park Beach located about 8 miles from our Inn. One does not have to be Suffolk County resident to be admitted. I believe the Park charges $15 per carload for parking including access. On busy weekends, we have seen cars backed up so we cannot guarantee there will be no wait. There is a pavilion with food concession and bathrooms.  There are many nights when there is live entertainment. View the website for dates, times, fees, etc. The Beach Hut is the concessionaire for Cupsogue so you may want to look at their site.

Monday nights during the high season is "Movie Night". Free movies are offered by Westhampton Beach Village on the Great field just down the street from the Grassmere.  
Thursday nights there are free concerts on the Village Green during the high season. Many nights there are musicians playing on Main Street. Saturday mornings there is a great farmers market just 2 blocks away. Many weekends there are art fairs on the Village Green. And, of course there is the famous Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center. It has great acoustics and many great acts.

The Grassmere Inn was built sometime in the 1880s. We continually upgrade and have replaced virtually all the systems over the past few years including new roofs, electric, plumbing, ACs, and flooring. We have abandoned an underground oil tank and replaced it with a new one. We have all new boilers and hot water heaters. We have a generator.   

There are certain issues which may occur and are out of our control. That is particularly the case with a small property. One examples: our stairs creak. During the summer, the ac/fan units will typically drown out any noise. During the winter, the ACs are removed. If many people are on the same schedule, there is a chance there could be a temporary hot water shortage. We have County Water and occasionally there is a change in water pressure. This can also create water temperature fluctuations.

We keep staff on 24 hours per day to make certain we can deliver the safest, cleanest, most service-oriented accommodations possible despite how few rooms we have and how small the business is. We keep extra air conditioners and TVs in stock.

​SELECTING ACCOMMODATIONS     Small Inns versus Large Box Hotels
When selecting an accommodation the obvious factors are cleanliness, safety, location, amenities, decor, Wifi, bedding, service, and to most, price. However, there are other factors which should be considered. Inns can be charming. And, one hopes the innkeeper/management is respectful of everyone's time and takes pride in his/her property and work. The experience can be great. However, there are pluses and minuses to both options.
The Grassmere Inn is an older building that was built sometime in the 1880's. With the charm come creaky floors, for example. We continually upgrade and have replaced virtually all the systems over the past few years including new roofs, electric, plumbing, and air conditioners. We added flat screen TVs to all rooms within the past year. Most bathrooms have been upgraded though we still have some to do.

There are certain issues which may occur that are more unique to small properties and are out of our control. To some people, these issues may be small inconveniences. To others, they may be unacceptable. Please take this into account before making a reservation. Perhaps a "box" hotel is more suitable for you.

We hope to see you soon!

Westhampton Beach Tennis Academy

The Grassmere Inn


​Dear Prospective Guest,   
Thank you for considering the Grassmere Inn! We are hopeful you will be staying with us. We are open year round and strive to be the neatest, cleanest, safest, and most service-oriented accommodation possible.

In order to do so, we have certain policies which are non negotiable. We encourage you to read the sections on the following policies as they must be very strict. There is zero flexibility with respect to the NO REFUND and the NO SMOKING POLICIES.